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Due to measures taken by Spanish government we have to close our offices for at least two weeks starting from Monday March, 16th and at least till April, 14th.

We are providing support via phones and emails as always between 09:30-18:00 Monday-Friday and 10:00-12:00 on Saturdays.

You can contact us through contact form on website or by calling +34 966 26 09 40. You can make payments online HERE

Sorry for inconvenience and we will gladly see you as soon as the situation clears out.

WiFi Packages

  • Standard

  • 19€

  • up to 10 Mbit download bandwidth
  • up to 3 Mbit upload bandwidth
  • Installation price from 149 € (incl. IVA)
  • Wireless Router
  • Technical Support in your language
  • Option: Static IP address (+5 €/month)
  • Order now!
  • Internet + Landline

  • 24€

  • up to 10 Mbit download bandwidth
  • up to 3 Mbit upload bandwidth
  • Installation price from 179 € (incl. IVA)
  • Wireless Router + VoIP adapter
  • Technical Support in your language
  • Option: Static IP address (+5 €/month)
  • Order now!
Terms & Conditions

WiFi Internet

Our private wireless internet service is an inexpensive solution from the company which provides Broadband Internet connections for residential and business customers, enabling full access to the World Wide Web through our high speed fibre gateway. This service also carries our VoIP traffic for phones, enabling us to provide cheap calls and numbers to our customers, with no need for the traditional copper line connection to the customer’s property.

Service provision

We provide a dedicated connection with your own WiFi router and secure local area network which connects to our substantial private network using an antenna (usually mounted on your roof) which connects to our local access points and through high speed links reaches our gateway which interfaces into Spain’s fibre backbone.

We do not recommend or guarantee IPTV streaming because during times of peak demand real time traffic may be subject to delay which causes the classic buffering problem. To this end we have our own transmitted TV service which as it is independent of the internet is stable and carries HD quality channels.

Reserved Backup/Redundancy

We are the only local Costa Blanca broadband Internet provider that actually has several independent global Internet providers. At any given moment we always have at least 50% of our network resources spare to ensure permanent Internet connection for our valued customers. This means that we always have a connection to the Internet for our customers.

Constantly expanding network

Our certified network engineers constantly monitor network efficiency and expand the network whenever bottleneck is detected requiring expansion in this part of the network. When additional infrastructure is required our engineers strive to carry out upgrades as quickly as possible, using cutting edge equipment and technology to ensure robustness and reliability of the network which is reflected in our service provision.

Pay only when you use Internet

Only pay for the service when you are here in Spain. We have two methods of making payment for services.

  1. Bank Mandate. This method we apply for in arrears. If service is used in any calendar month you are billed for the complete month. You can switch the service off by filling the START/STOP form or by sending an email to stop email and we will action your request and reply to that effect. All full months when service is not used we do not require any payment, except if you are a landline customer, where a standing monthly charge of 5€ is always charged to keep the line active.
  2. Pay as you go. You can call us and make payment for service using a credit or debit card. Minimum billing in our systems is 1 month. Service is usually switched on within minutes of us taking payment for the period you require. An internet based payment service should be available very soon.

Equipment replacement & callout charges will apply when less than 3 months payments have been made in last 12 months

Upgrade to fibre for existing customers